Power Flushing

A Power flush is a professional cleaning procedure used to clean all the parts of a central heating system. The most common fault found in central heating systems is sludge. Sludge is a thick mixture of iron oxide, scale, rust and debris, it builds up naturally over a period of time until eventually it creates blockages, depletes water flow, contaminates vales, boilers, pump’s and makes the system basically useless.

A Power Flush itself is an effective and efficient way of cleaning using a machine that circulates water and cleaning chemicals at high speed but under low pressure, the process cleans all parts individually including radiators, boiler, pipes, pumps, valves even compression joints. The machine used is designed to pump water in both directions increasing the cleaning process, once all parts are cleaned the old water is expelled and new clean water is introduced with a chemical called an Inhibitor.

The Inhibitor chemical as its name suggests Inhibits any further corrosion and the forming of new sludge in the newly cleaned parts of the system. Once finished most systems will show signs of greater efficiency, faster circulation of heat, less noise and most important lower bills.

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Darren Sherwood  - Plumbing, Heating and Drainage Engineers